Drink system EVO Starter Kit - Aviorace USA
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Drink system EVO Starter Kit

One of the drivers’ needs during the
races is to hydrate themselves to keep
the performance at the top.
System is  composed by the
system base, car kit and helmet kit.
Drink system base must be fitted into
the cockpit and connected to the helmet
kit through a car kit included in the

The quick release bottle can be inserted
or removed from the base in order to
replace the fresh drinking fluid available
in the car. Fluid will be delivered to the
helmet pressing a button through an
electric pump (12V power supply).
Driver change made very easy and fast
due to quick release connections
included in the kit.

Drink System Evo Starter Kit including all you need to fit in the car and connected the helmet of the driver (up to 3 drivers).
It is composed as follows:
N° 1 Drink System Base
N° 3 Quick Release Alu Bottles
N° 1 Vehicle Kit
N° 3 Driver Kit

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