Disclaimer - Aviorace USA
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Aviorace USA inc. and Aviorace S.r.l. do not imply or express any warranty to protect the end user from injury or death: this principle has to be intended for each and every product or engineering service sold directly or through the e-shop.


Aviorace USA Inc. and Aviorace S.r.l’s liabilities are limited to replacement or refund of purchased products: labor and/or installation costs are always in charge of the purchaser.


Moreover, the products and engineering services sold by Aviorace USA inc. and Aviorace S.r.l. are exclusively dedicated to race purposes: no homologations nor conformity tests for street-legal use have been performed. The user assumes all risks.


Aviorace USA Inc. and Aviorace S.r.l. shall not be liable to purchaser or to any third party for any damages arising out of the purchase, installation, use, modification and/or re-sell of any product.