IPS-160 - Aviorace USA
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IPS160 (Inertial Platform System) is an integrated inertial measurement unit improved to be suitable to major stresses of high performance race vehicle in terms of vibration and temperature. IPS160 incorporates redundant (double) inertial platform having 3-axial accelerometers and 3-axial gyroscopes each; it provides reliable measures even in harsh environments, like high temperature (up to 105°C) or vibration peaks (over 56g peak-to-peak) without any saturation or resonance. Double CAN communication lines give a fully redundant system, while SW selectable terminations ease loom design/installation. IPS has its sensors calibrated for offset and gain over temperature. IPS provides all independent sensor measures as well as advanced measure data fusion of all sensors in order to provide the best and stable acceleration/angular rate measure. For motorbike application, the bank angle estimation is performed (vehicle speed information has to be provided to the device via CAN Line). IPS160 mechanical design and loom back-compatible to Magneti Marelli DIP120 module, easy to switch device seamlessly. Download datasheet.

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