B2B and engineering services - Aviorace USA
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B2B and engineering services

The Aviorace USA Corp. e-shop is designed to offer single items retail available in 24 hours (if available in our U.S. warehouse, or 96 hours if they are located in our Europe warehouse).

If you are approaching large projects and you need to buy a significant quantity of components and/or you need technical support to perform a perfect design of your electric/electronics for your race car/motorbike/boat please send an email to:  info@avioraceusa.com with the following information:


  1. Company name/ Team name;
  2. Key contact names, e-mail address and/or phone number;
  3. List of components you are interested to purchase – quantities – general timing plan of the proejct;
  4. If you need engineering support to design wirings/electronics architecture of the racing vehicle/boat

We will come back to you with dedicated offers!


Here are some examples:


  • Need more than 10 sensors, same type? you get up to 10% discount on the retail price!
  • Need more than 10 connectors? you get at least 15% discount.